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Overview of GraFit 7

GraFit version 7 for Microsoft© Windows™ combines presentation-quality scientific graphs with comprehensive data fitting. The result is a powerful package that is easy to use, produces stunning output, and can also fulfil the needs for quantitative data analysis.


Data can be fitted using various types of theoretical models, and your own equations can easily be added to those supplied with the program. Comprehensive graph plotting facilities allow you to display your data on-screen and edit the graphs interactively.

Key Features of GraFit

GraFit provides the experimental scientist with a tool for visualization and analysis of their data. For the occasional user, GraFit can be configured to perform routine analyses with minimal intervention—in many cases it is possible just to enter the data and allow GraFit to calculate the results and plot the graphs in the background. Advanced users can utilize the full power of GraFit for analyzing complex equations, and may create custom fitting templates for routine data processing.


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