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Online Store

The online store is the easiest way to purchase software and software updates


How to Purchase or Upgrade Online

Registered users of earlier versions of GraFit are eligible for discounts when they upgrade to version 7 via the online store. You will need to enter your old registration code to qualify for discounted pricing.

1. Select the quantity you require

Enter the required quantities

Enter the required quantities then click the Add to cart button.

(Click to enlarge)

2. On the next screen, verify your purchase quantities

When you are satisfied that the quantities are correct, click the Proceed to Checkout button.


3. Upgrade Only: on the next screen, enter your original serial number

Get upgrade discounts

Enter your original version 5 or 6 serial number into the Coupon/Promo Code box. The serial number should start "50" for GraFit 5 or "60" for GraFit 6. In the case of version 5 there will be 3 parts, separated by hyphens; for version 6 there will be a single code without hyphens. You will only be allowed one upgrade per serial number.

Click the Checkout button to continue to the next screen.

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4. Payment and calculation of discount

Final screen shows any discount

The final screen shows any discount that is applicable.

Enter your credit card details and click Complete Purchase to finalize your order.

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5. Order Completion

Order complete

Once your order is complete you receive the order summary page. This includes your activation code(s) for you have purchased. These will also be sent to you by email along with a receipt for the transaction.

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